Digital Radiography

Dental radiation in our office through the use of high speed film has always been a very low dosage. Now with our new digital x-ray system we can cut that low amount by fifty to ninety percent.

Instead of showing you a postage stamp sized x-ray we can now display the x-ray on the television monitor in front of you at full screen size. Seeing what we see will now be a lot easier. Digital also gives us an improved diagnostic advantage. We now have the capability to enlarge, zoom in, and vary the contrast, among other features.

This system is also environmentally friendly. Did you know that dental offices are required by law to have a hazardous waste disposal company take our used developing solutions? This is no longer an issue!

Another advantage to digital radiology is its speed. The film processes in seconds and is attached to your computerized record. By storing this data we are able to submit your dental claims electronically attaching your digital radiographs. This means no more x-rays lost in the mail on the way to insurance companies.

It is estimated that across the country about fifteen to twenty percent of dental office have digital capabilities. We’re proud to be on the cutting edge and offer this service to our patients.


How Digital X-Rays Work

How Digital X-Rays Work

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