Soft Tissue Diode Laser

It is estimated that over 80% of the population has gum disease. As gingivitis becomes periodontitis (oral bone loss) and the pocket depths become deeper than 3mm, it becomes increasingly difficult to remove the debris and bacteria. When pocket depths reach 6 to 9 mm and beyond only your hygienist can get to the bottom and keep them clean. As a result you have bacteria living in these pockets that can lead to chronic gum infection, bad tastes, odors, and ultimately bone and tooth loss. Today there are known correlations between gum disease and heart, kidney, and liver disease.

Up until very recently, the only way to control advance cases of periodontal disease was to literally cut away the gums so that the pockets could be kept clean and small. This can be a radical and painful procedure. Periodontal surgery is something to be avoided if a less invasive procedure is available and in many cases laser assisted periodontal therapy provides the perfect alternative. After your hygienist removes the debris and calculus she will then use a laser to selectively remove diseased and infected tissue from around the tooth and within the pocket. The laser selectively targets the infected tissue and leaves the healthy tissue alone. The laser also eliminates the bacteria that caused your gum disease and stimulates your gums to heal. An antibiotic agent such as Arestin may be placed in selected areas after the use of the laser for even more benefit. Another great use of the laser is reducing the discomfort and duration of cold sores and other oral sores.

We are proud to be at the forefront in bringing you the latest technology to serve you better. The precision application of the soft tissue laser reduces gingival bleeding, post operative discomfort and swelling making the laser a wonderful alternative to conventional surgery.


How Laser Gum Sculpting Works

How Laser Gum Sculpting Works

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